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Prolawn Turf & Landscape Management, Inc.’s Commercial Lawn Mowing

Knowing all about commercial lawn mowing can help you make the best investment in your property. At Prolawn Turf & Landscape Management, Inc., we believe that quality services begin with trust and communication. To that end, we’ve put together some information about commercial lawn mowing to help you achieve a beautiful landscape.

How Tall Should I Keep My Grass?

Most lawns are healthiest at a height between two-and-a-half to three-and-a-half inches. If you cut your lawn too short or too much at once, you weaken the grass. Removing more than a third of the blade at once is called scalping. This damages your lawn and makes it more susceptible to disease, insect damage and weed overgrowth.

Many business owners are tempted to cut their lawns short because it means less frequent cutting. But our lawn care service experts will tell you that scalping your lawn costs you more in the long run. If your lawn experiences too much stress, it can become yellow and patchy. When this damage is excessive, you might even have to reseed altogether. Safe, regular lawn mowing keeps your grass within the ideal height range and protects the look of your property.

How Often Do I Need Commercial Mowing Services?

The speed at which your lawn grows determines how often you will need lawn mowing services. Most lawn care companies suggest mowing once a week on average to keep your grass at an ideal height without scalping it.

What Maintenance Do Professional Landscapers Perform on Their Equipment?

We make sure all our lawn mowing equipment is in top shape before we begin working on your property. This means changing the oil and air filter regularly. Most of all, it means keeping the lawn mower blades sharp.

Lawns are often filled with small rocks or branches. To avoid shattering upon contact with these debris, most blades are made of soft steel. This allows the blades to dent instead of shatter when they hit a stone. Unfortunately, it also means the blades need frequent sharpening. Dull mowing blades tear the grass instead of cutting it, which harms your lawn and turns it yellow. By sharpening our blades after every ten hours of lawn mowing, we make sure your grass recovers quickly. This leaves your lawn looking lush and green.

What Should I Do with Grass Clippings After Lawn Mowing Services?

The best thing to do with grass clippings is to leave them where they are! As they decompose, grass clippings will release nutrients back into the soil—leading to a healthier lawn. If you invest in frequent lawn cutting services, you will never have too many grass clippings after your lawn is mowed. Using your grass clippings is a sustainable alternative to sending them to a landfill.

Why Hire Landscaping Companies for My Commercial Yard Maintenance?

Professional landscaping companies bring knowledge and expertise to yard maintenance. With high-performance lawn mowers and exceptional attention to detail, Prolawn Turf & Landscape Management, Inc.’s experts will keep your lawn looking well-manicured. Contact us today and simplify yard maintenance!

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